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Refer A Friend

Having a great time playing music on your own?
It is even more “shiok” when  friends & family can gather to create & play music together. 
Refer your friends or family to us & each of you will enjoy $15 off your next month’s school fees as a form of welcome.
Do remember to let us know your friend’s name upon enrolment to enjoy this benefit.
More benefits~~
Music is a language for anyone to communicate in. 
No matter the instrument, your family & friends can form a duet or band together with you. Grab a score and play together or compose something new!
Join competitions or simply perform in school & public events.
Listening & watching your friends play is a good & quick way for you to improve as well. Pick up on how others express music differently. 
Do let our teachers know if you are in a band & they can also help you re-arrange the scores to better prepare for your performance. 
Start building great memories & achievements.
The jamming sessions with each other create bonds and friendships that are priceless. And who knows, the next Maroon 5 might be you!
How does it work?
- Invite your friend to join our school
- Upon enrolment, your friend needs only to provide your name
- Both of you will receive $15 off one month’s school fees
Music is a great way to bond with friends. Enrich the lives of your family and friends through music.
Check our courses and contact us now!

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