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National Arts Council Programmes

Experience Programmes that will deepen knowledge and appreciation of the Music Instrument and develop skills in Music Performance. 

The Delightful Guitar!

The Merry & Lively Ukulele!

The Groovy Keyboard!

Exposure programme that introduces students to making music in a band setting, building awareness on the ability to make music using skills they have learnt throughout that education in Primary & Secondary Level.

The Construction of Music


Currently, Music Delight offers three approved and registered courses that are subsidised by the National Arts Council Tote Grant Board.

 “The Construction of Music”; our most popular programme is facilitated by musicians with performance experience playing live in groups and at ensemble levels.

This assembly programme is a 45 minute exposure session that shares the nuts and bolts of music making and how they make up the pop music that they hear everyday!

The presentation will be based on the five common components of basic music making with a band consisting of a Bassist, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Drummer and a Vocalist.

Songs will be sung together with the band at various points during the presentation to demonstrate how each component works. In addition, a few members of the audience will also have the opportunity to come up on stage and perform or try out the instruments with our facilitators. Do take a look at the highlights from one of our performances, and book us in advance!

“The Merry & Lively Ukulele” or “The Delightful Guitar” are experience programmes designed to help students pick up the ukulele or guitar within an 8 week period. These programmes have proven to be effective in developing a strong understanding in basic chords and melody playing for each respective instrument.

Rental of instruments (Guitars/Ukuleles) can be arranged to be included.

Primary schools, Secondary schools and two of the Institutes of Technical Education colleges are some who have taken up the programmes offered. Each of these are sure to be a great learning and fun experience for teachers and students alike.